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Progressives Fiddle While Turkish Women Burn

Yesterday, on the American Enterprise Institute’s blog, I noted that while I wish Governor Rick Perry had been a bit more precise regarding his criticism of Turkey, he was not as wrong as some media commentators and pundits have suggested. The Turkish leadership is not comprised of terrorists; they are just sponsors and enablers of terrorism. Perry has now buckled down, and has defended his remarks on CNN, citing predominantly the sorry situation of women in Turkey.

While pundits may have fun bashing Perry for his lack of nuance—see here Joshua Marshall’s blog post, for example—progressives might question why it is that the murder rate of women in Turkey has, according to Turkey’s own Justice Ministry, increased 1,400 percent under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and why such a staggering figure has been met with such silence by progressive bloggers and the mainstream media until now. Certainly, it seems that progressives are fiddling while Turkish women literally burn.

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