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Madeleine Albright’s Witless Commentary on Israel and Hamas

On CNN today, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made the following observations: (1) There should be a cease-fire in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, but Hamas is the one that hasn’t accepted one; and (2) Israel has the right to defend itself when being attacked by rockets.

But the bottom line, she said, is this is a matter of Israel not exercising proper “proportionality.” What she didn’t say, but surely she must know, is that Israel has exercised extraordinary restraint in this operation, far beyond what America would do in a similar circumstance. Israel would rather not have gone to war–but provoked into the war, it now needs to shut down the terrorist catacombs that are allowing Hamas to infiltrate Israel and kill Israelis. How exactly does she propose Israel do this? By appealing to Hamas’s sense of decency and fair play?

Ms. Albright then brought up the need for a “two-state solution.” What she didn’t say, but surely she must know, is that Israel has repeatedly offered the Palestinians a two-state solution. Yet the Palestinian leadership has time and again refused it, in part because its goal is the elimination of the Jewish state. In addition, Gaza has been Palestinian territory for nearly a decade. There has been no Israeli presence in Gaza since 2005. Israel gave up land–and what it got in return was war.

Ms. Albright then added this:

I do think that it is very hard to watch the number of Palestinians that are being killed – innocents. It is hard to dispute the fact that, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that, in fact, there are innocents being put in the way in order to act as shields.

But the bottom line is, I think that this is hurting Israel’s moral authority. I do think it looks as though they’re overdoing, which is why I think there has to be more emphasis on the fact that they have accepted the cease-fire. And then try to figure out who has any influence over Hamas in order to get them to accept a cease-fire.

Let’s continue to untangle what Ms. Albright said, shall we?

She concedes that Hamas is responsible for using innocent Palestinians as human shields–yet somehow it’s Israel’s moral authority that is being hurt.

How on earth can it be Israel’s fault when the Israeli military is doing everything in its power to protect innocent civilians while Hamas is doing everything in its power to have them killed? Among the reasons Hamas is following this malignant strategy is for propaganda purposes, so people like Madeleine Albright will offer up witless commentary on television, shamefully turning Hamas’s war crimes into Israel’s moral failure.

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8 Responses to “Madeleine Albright’s Witless Commentary on Israel and Hamas”


    Is it too harsh or impolitic to bring up the fact that the people of Gaza elected Hamas for their government knowing full well their intentions vis a vis Israel and what they might reap as a result? I don’t mean to say that they deserve the harm that has befallen them; especially innocent children. But this is nonetheless a point that should be at least raised once in a while. It is not just Hamas that is infected with this vile hatred. It extends to a degree to the people that elected, support and never seem to speak out against this horrific entity – Hamas. They do not deserve what they are receiving, but you do reap what you sow.

  2. DAVID PATTEN says:

    There is no arguing with the narrative. It is what it is. Facts and logic don’t much matter. They sure don’t stand up to a tried and true narrative.

  3. TIKI SHAPIRA says:

    Israel’s moral authority is being hurt? Well, so be it!

    This conflict is not about ‘moral authority but about life or death for Israel’s citizens.

    So, Israel’s priority is not ‘moral authority but FIRST & FOREMOST the life of it’s citizens and only after that, the life of it’s mortal enemies!

    I’m sure the Israeli government is truly sorry not to be able to oblige to the Army of Moralists who, for some obscure reason have no problem with the hundreds of thousands of death & millions of refugees in Syria, Irak, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lybia, Nigeria & other problem area’s in the world!

    The bleeding hearts of the Moralist Army gets acute amnesia for the suffering of millions when Israel is involved.

    How many innocent people were killed in the above mentioned countries while Israel was defending itself against terror rockets, launched from terror tunnels by blood thirsty Jew hating terrorists?

    The media doesn’t know and doesn’t care!
    Politician don’t know and don’t care!
    NGO’s don’t know and don’t care!

    The Armies of Hypocrites & Humanists don’t know and don’t care!

    Poor people of Syria, Irak, Lybia, Sudan, Afghanistan, all alone & abandoned by world because of the ”Palestinians”.

    • JACK LEVEY says:

      When Jews don’t fight back as much as the world thinks they should, despite their lack of weapons, training, a state, and an army, they are criticised for going to their slaugher like sheep.

      When Jews fight back more than the world thinks they should, even if they take more steps than any army in history to prevent civilian casualties, and even if they patiently bear years of attacks before fighting back, they are criticised for disproportionate response.

      The Jewish state cannot please the nations of the world no matter what it does, so it may as well do the right thing and protect its citizens while trying not to harm more innocents than necessary, knowing that some innocents will die no matter what it does, and that the world will condemn it no matter what it does.

  4. DAVID LEVAVI says:

    Proof is in the pudding. Rockets are still being launched from Gaza because the IDF has been painfully (and suicidally) discriminating in its aerial bombardment. Now that the FAA and the airlines industry have established a boycott on travel to Israel, ostensibly for fear of a rocket hitting a commercial aircraft, the IDF will have to ratchet up the air assault to suppress the rockets. Inevitably we will see a commensurate spike in the the number of “innocent civilians” casualties.

    Anyone who doubts that the travel ban is intentionally malicious need only consider that this official boycott on travel to Israel was begun by Turkey and Norway.


    Madeleine Albright has a shameful moral history. She excused the horrors of North Korea.


    Peter Wehner is the best blogger Commentary has. Beautifully written, Mr. Wehner.

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