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Hillary’s Gracious Words About Bush

Hillary Clinton has done what Barack Obama rarely does: Show class, especially toward Mr. Obama’s predecessor. According to Secretary Clinton:

let’s not forget the trend lines. George W. Bush is very popular in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why? Because of the president’s emergency program for AIDS relief. Whether you agree or disagree with a lot of what else he did — and I disagree with a lot of it — I am proud to be an American when I go to Sub-Saharan Africa and people say, “I want to thank President Bush and the United States for helping us fight HIV/AIDS.”

I understand that this kind of thing doesn’t foreshadow a new, irenic and unified moment in American politics. But in a nation where the partisan divisions are growing, where nearly 70 percent of those surveyed believe America is more divided than it was four years ago, it’s a nice gesture. The kind of thing, come to think of it, that Barack Obama promised to do when he said he’d put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division and conflict and cynicism.”

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2 Responses to “Hillary’s Gracious Words About Bush”

  1. JOEL TRACY says:

    It’s nice to read that due to our efforts in fighting AIDs in sub-saharra Africa that America is well thought of. And good too with Hillary Clinton’s mention.

    I haven’t looked into methods we are using to support the fight against that condition in Africa. i wonder if improved diet is being provided? I believe it would be most helpful if so. I’ve read and seen a film where it was mentioned that in Africa, it often is not possible to pay for testing of the condition. As a result it is possible to receive a diagnosis of AIDs by a description of what the person is experiencing and appearance.

    As a result of this, Dr. Luc Montagnier, credited with being co-discover of the HIV virus has mentioned that from what he has seen, particularly in Africa, improved nutrition can often rid the body of HIV, basically be a cure.

    I’ve seen the video where Dr Montagnier discusses this on several sights, one that I found with a Google search ~

    “Clear HIV/AIDS Naturally says Luc Montagnier who Discovered HIV ”

  2. MICHAEL DODD says:

    Compare Hillary’s comment with Obama’s telling the GOP to “just stop hating”. He was to be the intellectual president but he sounds juvenile.

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