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Obama’s Irrational Animus for Israel

According to the Jerusalem Post,

Speaking extensively on US relations with Jerusalem since the end of the latest round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians last April, and throughout Operation Protective Edge, a candid [former US special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Martin] Indyk said at times US President Barack Obama has become “enraged” at the Israeli government, both for its actions and for its treatment of his chief diplomat, US Secretary of State John Kerry… Gaza has had “very negative impact” on US-Israel relations, he continued. “The personal relationship between the president and the prime minister has been fraught for some time and it’s become more complicated by recent events.”

Think about this for a moment. In a neighborhood featuring Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, just to name a few of the actors, President Obama was “enraged” at … Israel. That’s right, Israel–our stalwart ally, a lighthouse of liberty, lawfulness, and human rights in a region characterized by despotism, and a nation filled with people who long for peace and have done so much for so long to sacrifice for it (including repeatedly returning and offering to return its land in exchange for peace).

Yet Mr. Obama–a man renowned for his lack of strong feelings, his emotional equanimity, his disengagement and distance from events, who New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd refers to as “Spock” for his Vulcan-like detachment–is not just upset but “enraged” at Israel.

Add to this the fact that the conflict with Hamas in Gaza–a conflict started and escalated by Hamas, and in which Hamas used innocent Palestinians as human shields–had a very negative impact on America’s relationship with Israel. To show you just how absurd this has become, other Arab nations were siding with Israel in its conflict with Hamas. But not America under Obama. He was constantly applying pressure on Israel. Apparently if you’re a nation defending yourself and, in doing so, you wage a war with exquisite care in order to prevent civilian death, it is reason to earn the fury of Mr. Obama.

It’s clear to me, and by now it should be to others, that there is something sinister in Barack Obama’s constant anger aimed at Israel. No previous American president has carried in his heart this degree of hostility for Israel. We can only hope that no future president ever does again. It is a shameful thing to watch this ugliness and irrationality play itself out.

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19 Responses to “Obama’s Irrational Animus for Israel”

  1. LAURA FINSTEN says:

    It was there to see for anyone who really wanted to see it long before the 2012 election, so American Jews have no excuse…

  2. JOHN BURKE says:

    Well, it’s not “irrational” if you start with the now virtually indisputable supposition that Obama is a leftist, always more comfortable with the pro-Palestinian Left, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc.

    It should be of more than passing interest that Nixon, who was in many respects anti-semitic, forged strong ties with Israel because he put US interests first. That Obama may not – quite deliberately and rationally — is deeply troubling.

  3. ELLIOTT GREEN says:

    This is interesting. It reminds me that years ago when American presidents would pressure Israel to do something harmful to itself, the excuse was put out that that American president was under pressure in turn from Arab leaders, particularly Saudi Arabia, the great source of petroleum. But now it all looks different because a number of Arab states usually aligned with the US, like Saudi Arabia, were not pressuring Obama against Israel and seem to have been hostile to Hamas themselves. Yet Obama was pressuring Israel all the same. Moreover, Obama and Kerry seemingly inexplicably wanted Israel to go through Qatari and Turkish mediation to deal with Israel. Israel preferred Egyptian mediation for good reason.

    So Obama’s anti-Israel policy cannot be explained by the pressure of Arab oil states, since Saudi Arabia was not applying pressure for Obama to come out against Israel. Hence, Obama’s policy has to be explained by his own hostility.


    I disagree with the ‘no president before’ statement.

    Exhibit 1: Jimmy Carter.

  5. DAVID STERNE says:

    It should come as no surprise that a black man schooled on Islam and Jeremiah Wright should feel animus if not for Jews, then for Israel. The real surprise is that liberal American Jews ever thought he was anything other than antisemitic. There is a lesson to take away from this 8-year mistake, but don’t expect American Jews to internalize it any time soon…walk away from the Democratic party. Vote independent, vote Republican, vote anything but Democrat.

    • BEVELYN PARK says:

      Absolutely! I am dumbfounded that any American Jew would ever vote for a Democrat in light of Obama’s–and before him, Carter’s–obvious dislike (to put it mildly) of Israel and Jews.

      • HILLEL JACOBSON says:

        Liberal American Jews are liberals first and Jews a very far distant second (or last)


    Look to Obama’s close friendship with the American Palestinian radical Rashid Khalidi. Read up on Khalidi and you will find the source of Obama’s animus.

  7. E B TRAININ says:

    There is nothing irrational or sinister here.
    Nor is there anything new from a man under the influence of Rev. Wright. Barack HUSSEIN Obama is just your average Muslim anti-Zionist/semite.
    What is scary to me is that most American Jews voted for him TWICE!! But kudos to Peter Wehner for showing us the ugly truth about this vile/evil man!!

  8. MARTIN LIPSON says:

    Mr. Obama is just the latest incarnation of the “progressive” president. The phrase, ” lead from behind” will forever be associated with this man. Our last progressive president was Jimmy Carter. What else is there to say? History will give him a certain amount of credit for the “economic recovery.” This is only because it occurred on his watch and not from anything he specifically did to cause it ( Indeed, the economy was recovering at the end of the Ford administration and Carter received the credit ). His “foreign policy,” to this observer on the ground, is a joke. In keeping with his lead from behind philosophy and, what appears to the world as a lack of backbone, the US is now distrusted by even its one time closest allies. Innately sensing all of this ( Mr. Obama is, after all, very intelligent ) it would seem that he is more involved in his golf handicap than tending to the affairs of state. Let’s faced it: Being president is a tough job but no one twisted his arm to seek it. We still have two more very important years to go in this administration. Let us hope for the sake of the nation that our country will continue to be safe and to prosper.

  9. KENT LYON says:

    Sadly, the Democratic Party is, and has been, and will always be, four-square behind Obama in his rage against Israel, including the large majority (85%?) of American Jews. It appears that a majority of Americans is anti-Semitic–perhaps not as viciously as European anti-Semites, but anti-Semitic nonetheless. America is now an anti-Semitic nation. Any nation, and party, that would elect and re-elect such an anti-Semitic President as Barack Obama can be said to be truly anti-Semitic. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of America. I once was proud to read that Adolph Hitler loathed America, and declared war against America, and had mad visions of fire bombing New York City, as he had London (which he also viewed as City friendly to Jews) because he viewed America as a Jewish nation, and New York as a Jewish city. And indeed they are. I was once deeply moved to read of Harry Truman’s tears of emotion when he was hailed by Israeli Jews as a modern Cyrus for recognizing the Jewish State, when his advisers embarrassingly choked on that recognition. Much of the animus against America among radical terrorist Islamacists is due to America being a Jewish nation. To me that hatred of America by Islamacists signals that America is a good and a great nation. But now we stand aside as the Islamacist terrorists advance, and hurl our wrath, not at the terrorists attacking Israel, or the terrorists threatening us, but at….Israel!? How the good and the great has become evil, dross, weak, craven! Is it not striking how America has weakened and decayed as it has become ever more hostile to Israel? America has lost it’s soul, not to mention it’s mind. The former is far more dire.


      I think this country is the least anti-Semitic country in history. Don’t confuse this president with the American people. Just witness the support for Israel in the Senate and House.

  10. DENNIS BERGER says:

    ” It reminds me that years ago when American presidents would pressure Israel to do something harmful to itself, the excuse was put out that that American president was under pressure in turn from Arab leaders, particularly Saudi Arabia, the great source of petroleum.”

    This comment stopped me in my tracks. It is so true. Maybe things have changed in the Middle East, but I think what we have is the Arab elites coming to their senses, while the Arab streets are likely to join with ISIS (ISIL?). I have to recall though, at the time of the first Gulf War, how the Palestinians were on the rooftops celebrating and how I thought that George H.W. Bush would be concentrating on the Kuwait liberation. But, no, silly me. Fourteen minutes, by my Timex, after the military operations ended, Bush pivoted back to Israel and its destabilization of the region by building some condominiums. James Baker quote of the day: “F*** the Jews…”

  11. BEATRICE STEIN says:

    Truman is a hero, but his wife was so antisemitic, she wouldn’t let Jews in her house.

    The economy was terrible under Carter. It improved under Reagan. The day Reagan took office was the day the Iranians freed American hostages.

    Carter’s hatred of Israel was secret until after he left office. Sadat stepped up to the plate to make peace, Kissinger secured negotiations with shuttle diplomacy, and at the end when the agreement was falling apart, Carter saved it. His hatred of Israel was exposed after he left office to the surprise of many Jews.

    HW Bush was hostile to Israel (but got them to cooperate during Hussein’s attack) as was Eisenhower (Israel relied on France, then, even though DeGaulle was antisemitic–as with Carter, his people didn’t know at first).

    Obama grew up in Indonesia, a Muslim country. I think this plays a part in his loyalties.

  12. JOSEPH KAPLAN says:

    I think the word is anti-semite. The rest is commentary


    As it says in The Talmud (and I may be paraphrasing) “Those who treat their friends like enemies will treat their enemies like friends”

  14. JAMES R SLAYTON says:

    “Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the remnant of her offspring” (Revelation 12:17).
    For those who wonder why certain people and groups have an irrational hatred of Israel. Just sayin’.

  15. EMILE TUBIANA says:

    It is very petty for a president who represents a big nation like the USA to be “enraged at the Israeli government,” as Martin Indyk said. It seems that Obama has an inferiority complex that makes him forget that Israel is a friendly nation and that its people had suffered a lot. He also seems to forget that most of the Jewish people voted for him in the United States. I feel sorry to have to repeat that Obama never understood either the Arab world or the Jewish word, despite being an intellectual president.

    With regard to Secretary of State John Kerry, I believe that Obama did not make a good choice. Furthermore, no one took into consideration that the kind of negotiations Obama and Kerry wanted Israel so badly to have with the Palestinian Authority have been already held multiple times in the past, without any results. I believe that Obama wanted to twist Netanyahu’s arm. He did not reflect on the sensitivity of the Jewish people and their long history of suffering, and never understood that the West Bank and Jerusalem is the cradle of Judaism. It never belonged to an Arab nation called Palestinians. Even if Arafat pretended that such a nation existed, President George Bush confirmed that Arafat lied to him.

    This confirms what I said above, that Obama has never understood where the Jews come from. By believing that celebrating Passover with a few non-religious Jews in the White House would show his respect for the Jewish faith and the Jewish people, Obama forgets that in both elections the Jews played a considerable role by voting 70% for him. By helping J-Street, Obama thinks that this organization is representative of the Jewish people, but this is not the case.

    Furthermore, Obama did not take into consideration the determination of the Israelis to defend their history and the place of their ancestors. Jews have survived over centuries and will survive Obama as well. Notwithstanding his negativity, which he has expressed among others by halting the scheduled arms delivery to US’s ally Israel during war time, while supporting the terrorist Hamas regime, the Jews are loyal to the United States.

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