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Ben Carson Once Again Slanders America

Via Mediaite, Dr. Ben Carson–a best-selling author and Fox News contributor who’s hinting he might run for president in 2016–is once again comparing the United States to Nazi Germany.

Having previously said America is “very much like Nazi Germany,” Dr. Carson was asked about this by the Washington Post. Does he regret the comparison? The answer: No.

“You can’t dance around it,” he told the Post. “If people look at what I said and were not political about it, they’d have to agree. Most people in Germany didn’t agree with what Hitler was doing…. Exactly the same thing can happen in this country if we are not willing to stand up for what we believe in.”

So does Dr. Carson really believe that dispassionate people “have to agree” with him that America today is “very much like Nazi Germany”? This claim, having been stated and re-stated, is what you’d expect from a disoriented mind.

Just for the record, according to the widely respected Freedom House, on a scale of one to seven–with one being the best rating–the U.S. earned the highest rating possible in the three areas Freedom House examines: freedom status, political rights, and civil rights. So far from being very much like one of the most tyrannical and malignant regimes in human history, America is one of the freest nations on earth. Not perfect for sure; but not Nazi Germany, either.

None of this means, of course, that some things President Obama has done aren’t quite problematic. They are; and many of us have written repeatedly about them. Still, Dr. Carson’s rhetoric is unhinged. If he really believes what he says–if he can’t distinguish between Germany under Hitler and America under Obama–he’s not to be taken seriously. It would mean his sense of reality is massively distorted, that he’s living in a world of make-believe. And if he doesn’t believe what he says but is simply saying it to win the hearts of some on the right, he’s unusually irresponsible and cynical.

From my vantage point Dr. Carson seems to be trying to appeal to, and perhaps has had his attitudes influenced by, people on the right who routinely toss around words like “tyranny” and “police state” to describe America. There seems to be a competition in some circles to see who can employ the most extreme language to characterize America during the Obama years. This is a mirror image of what the left did in the 1960s and 1970s. Now it’s some on the right who employ this slander.

What we’re seeing is a species of Obama Derangement Syndrome. (Liberals suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome in the previous decade.) It’s what sometimes happens when those belonging to a political party/movement become enraged by the actions of a president who is from the other party. Their rhetoric spins utterly out of control. In doing so, they discredit themselves and the movement they purport to represent.

Dr. Carson really needs to stop with America-is-like-Nazi-Germany comparisons.

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6 Responses to “Ben Carson Once Again Slanders America”


    The America that grew to a superpower under an utterly enlightened Constitution is the nation that is highly rated for it’s freedoms. Dr. Carson and many others love that America and are deeply afraid that we are about to lose it. Dr. Carson made reference to the fact that in the 1930s and 40s the Nazi regime made it exceedingly uncomfortable for any and all who would dare to publically disagree with it. Now, here, we have numerous instances of a massive government agency (the IRS) being used as a political tool to sabotage and hopefully silence conservative voices. That is a comparable situation. People of faith are being harassed, vilified and even prosecuted for standing on their Constitutional rights and following their consciences. That is a comparable situation. A very loud few, backed by the Liberal media, viciously attack anyone who doesn’t like the new changes. That is a comparable situation. To those on the receiving end of these attacks, it seems very much like how Germany was under it’s new Nazi regime: freedoms eroding quickly and court battles destroying people’s livelihoods. We should all be afraid of this unprecedented foray into repression. You are perhaps too young or unaware of history to realize how quickly things can get out of control, but it’s better to call attention to these things sooner than later. The trend is toward a Socialist state, destroying our Constitution. There are far better ways to try to bring opportunity to all ( is that what you want?) , but let’s be clear: Socialism and freedom are opposites, and once you let go of your freedoms it will be virtually impossible to get them back.


    Unhinged from reality is right. Unfortunately, there is a huge share of the Republican right that shares this mental state. It used to be characteristic mainly of the fringes of the left. It is a very big problem, standing in the way of a vigorous conservative program.

  3. LOUIS OFFEN says:

    Imagine a debate among those seeking the GOP nomination in 2016 with Dr. Carson one of the candidates. Ugh!

    (Who/what determines who takes part in those debates?)

  4. JOEL TRACY says:

    I might be able to explain dr Carson’s confusion. Last week there were a number of articles written about Obamas suite. It was light tan in color. When combined with Obamas skin color it naturally gave a Black and Tan appearance. Them’s NAzis colors! Or English murderers colors that descended upon Ireland after ww1 if you like. Eugenics medical believers both.


    You fail to understand the comparison. I will give you four clear cases where Obama and the American people disagree strongly on vital issues. Then you tell me that a comparison to a time when Germany, led by Hitler and his party, was completely out of sync with the German people.

    The vast majority of Americans opposed Obamacare when it passed and still do. The vast majority of Americans support Israel and oppose Hamas. The vast majority of Americans believe that uncontrolled entry to the U.S. over the Mexican border is dangerous and unacceptable. Lastly, the American people strongly oppose an IRS that uses Democrat Party criteria for dealing with tax policies.

    Now, you can listen to Dr. Carson and get as angry as the rest of America about a government that doesn’t represent us.


    Wehner is either willfully blind or bereft of political understanding. Wehner will not admit it, yet knows full well that, in the most important areas of national governance, such as Obama’s indisputable constitutional ineligibility for the office, or the authenticity of the only Obama document which identifies him as an American citizen, the federal and states’ judiciaries have used every imaginable pretext to deny citizens a hearing on these issues, and have silenced the US grand jury system, as they have silenced themselves. The utter impotence and submission to the federal government by the judiciary, the Congress, and both the mainstream and Conservative media, has not occurred in a western democracy since the death of Hindenberg, in 1934, upon which Hitler, already Chancellor, took total control of the judiciary and the press. There is no hyperbole in Dr. Carson’s comparisons; there is an ugly dishonesty in Mr. Whener’s camplaint.

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