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Open Season on Jews for Palestinians

Last month, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas was blasted by Israel for making statements that both incited terrorist attacks and for his praise of those who committed such actions. But the PA head, who is vowing to get a vote for his effort to have the United Nations Security Council recognize a Palestinian state without making peace first with Israel, noted that Western nations did not join in the criticism. Palestinians were similarly undaunted and the toll of terrorist attacks on Israelis in both Jerusalem and the West Bank has continued to rise. Just this week, Palestinians firebombed the car of a Jewish family resulting in life-threatening burns to an 11-year-old child. Days later, two policemen were stabbed in Jerusalem by a Palestinian who had just attended prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. But rather than these and other attacks generating international outrage, the world shrugs. Palestinians trying to kill Jews is so ordinary that few people, including many American Jews, think it worth the effort to complain about it.

In a sense those that think this way aren’t entirely wrong. Attacks on Jews on the roads in the West Bank have always been so commonplace as to not even raise many eyebrows in Israel. Indeed, the most interesting detail in the story about the firebombing that nearly killed an 11-year-old girl is that her mother said she barely escaped a similar fate recently when another firebomb just missed her.

The same is true of attacks in Jerusalem recently. The horrific stabbings of four rabbis at prayer in a Har Nof synagogue last month generated a momentary surge of interest in the surge in Arab terrorism that quickly dissipated. While that crime was considered more noteworthy, the numerous attempts by Palestinians to run down Jewish pedestrians or to stab or incinerate them in the weeks since that attack demonstrates that it was unique only in terms of the number of casualties and the barbaric methods used by the murderers.

Why does the world yawn when it hears of Palestinians attacking Jews?

One reason is that it reflects the same attitude that was reflected in a memorable exchange between Denmark’s ambassador to Israel and columnist Caroline Glick. The ambassador said that Israel should be happy about being judged by a double standard because no one expected the Palestinians to behave like Europeans while everyone thought the Israelis should. Such a stance is condescending to Palestinians who are assumed to be uncivilized and unlikely to act in a manner that is consistent with international norms.

But this attitude also reflects, as the ambassador noted in passing in his utterly unconvincing defense of his position, a sense that the Jews are the more powerful party in the conflict. In essence, the world thinks the Jews have it coming. This is what many in the world think is the fate a Jewish people that has survived two millennia of anti-Semitism and persecution and several Arab wars aimed at the destruction of their state deserves. No other people in the world have their right to sovereignty over their ancient homeland dismissed along with their right to self-defense in this manner. Such “special” treatment is an act of bias and the term for such prejudice when applied to Jews is anti-Semitism.

Palestinians leaders have declared open season on killing Jews and the world isn’t particularly interested. It is little surprise that Palestinians listen to their leaders and imams and throw gasoline bombs and attempt to run down or stab Jews whenever they can. Under these circumstances, this week’s casualties just like all those that have become before them, should expect little sympathy or notice from the international press.

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2 Responses to “Open Season on Jews for Palestinians”

  1. TIKI SHAPIRA says:

    “Open season on Jews for Palestinians”. Not only for Palestinians.

    2014 is the year that the official new Jew hunting season has started under the banner: “The shame of the past is in the past”.

  2. ELLIOTT GREEN says:

    The fundamentally Judeophobic attitude that you are talking about has led to the endorsement by several European parliaments of the notion of a “Palestinian state,” although some made the endorsement conditional.

    The basically Judeophobic attitude that Jonathan described is one of the motives for such parliamentary resolutions. Another is the growing Muslim minorities in many EU member states. This factor leads to political opportunism which hopes to benefit from Muslim votes. France’s resolution was an outstanding example.
    What I would like to add to Jonathan’s essay is that shortly after France’s Assemblee Nationale passed one of those resolutions about ten or 12 days ago, a jihad crazed Muslim terrorist went into a police station in a suburb of Paris and stabbed three cops, before being shot dead [yes, Virginia, even in France cops kill terrorists sometimes instead of offering them tea and sympathy for imagined slights.]. That was last Saturday. The next day, a jihadist ran over a dozen or more people walking on the sidewalks of Lyons in several different places. The day after that, another jihadist ran over people attending an outdoors Christmas fair in Nantes, killing one victim and wounding many others. So we see how France was rewarded for its pro-PLO, pro-Arab, pro-Muslim gesture.

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