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No Longer the Leader of the Free World

Perhaps President Obama instinctively understood that any mass unity rally in Paris would be more of a feel-good photo-op than a genuine response to Islamist terror or anti-Semitic violence. Perhaps the Secret Service sought to veto an impromptu visit from the president or even Vice President Biden on security grounds. But whatever the reasons for the decision not to send a high-level American representative to the event in Paris, it told us something important about this administration’s approach to the relevant issues as well as about this president. By choosing to stay away from the march, the United States expressed not only its public disdain for the effort to respond to the rising tide of hate, but the president also demonstrated that he doesn’t understand that being the leader of the free world occasionally requires him to show up even when he’d rather stay home. The symbolism of the boycott illustrated very clearly why Obama is the first American president since World War Two to publicly disdain that title.

Administration defenders are dismissing criticisms of the astonishing U.S. decision not to send a high-ranking representative by saying that it was mere symbolism. They say that American security cooperation with France against terrorism is more important than such trifles and, in a material sense, they are right about that. Indeed, even White House spokesman Josh Earnest’s admission that a mistake was made tried to emphasize that the error was more one about image than substance. The march was just symbolism and, to the extent that many in the media were prepared to treat it as a substantive answer to Islamist terror or the rising tide of Jew-hatred that has afflicted Europe in recent years, it was an entirely inadequate one. A day after this massive event, French Jews remain under siege with their institutions being guarded by thousands of Army troops and police. It has yet to be seen whether a genuine change in atmosphere or anything like it will stem from all of the righteous rhetoric being uttered about unity in a Europe that has proven more interested in appeasing Islamists than fighting, and where anti-Semitism has moved from the margins to the mainstream in the last decade.

But that did not relieve the administration of its obligation to join with other nations who sent their leaders to Paris to show solidarity after such egregious attacks on the West. That even Attorney General Eric Holder, who was already in Paris and meeting with security officials who did go to the march, disdained to make an appearance at the march spoke volumes about the administration’s attitude.

By passing on it, the president was, as he has done before, tripping on what he calls the “optics” of a situation. It should be recalled that after he made a statement about the death of James Foley at the hands of ISIS terrorists, he followed it with a round of golf during which he was photographed joking and laughing with his companions. Afterwards, he admitted this was a mistake but in doing so he was merely acknowledging that the unfortunate juxtaposition was bad politics. But there is more to such “optics” than losing a news cycle to critics who can pounce on a gaffe.

This is a man who sought and embraced the power that comes with the presidency but even after six years in the White House, he has not learned that along with the ability to make important decisions, the essence of such an office is moral leadership. That means that presidents, like all world leaders, are not merely acting a part in a political play but are actually setting the tone for their nation’s national discussion and behavior on crucial subjects. Great leaders, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, understood this even as their critics attacked them for being theatrical showmen. Obama not only refuses to play such a role, he still seems to not to understand that such symbolic acts are in some ways as important as policymaking.

But, of course, there’s more here than mere tone deafness to public opinion. The president’s flat line response to the Charley Hebdo massacre and then the terrorist attack on the kosher market in Paris (which he failed to characterize as an act of anti-Semitism in his public statement after it happened) illustrated his lack of comfort on this terrain. This is a president that has spent his time in office trying desperately to reach out to the Arab and Muslim worlds to change their perception of the United States. That he has failed in this respect is no longer in question but his disinterest in taking part in a symbolic response to extremist Islam stands in direct contrast to his eagerness for détente with an Iran that is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The cold shoulder he gave the Paris march resonates not so much because of the odd and very conspicuous absence of an American representative of any stature, but because it fits with the perception of his attitudes.

If he and his defenders think this is unfair, that is understandable. But a president who disdains acts of moral leadership cannot complain when they are judged as having failed to send the right message to the world. A president who thought of himself as the leader of the free world would not have made such a mistake. One that disdains that title couldn’t help but make it.

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10 Responses to “No Longer the Leader of the Free World”

  1. KENT LYON says:

    Mr. Tobin is very slow to understand. WE have an Islamacist in the White House. He stands with those who would destroy the Bill of Rights, which he disdains. He said so himself. And his administration jailed a film maker for offending Islam. That film maker is still in jail. Essentially a political prisoner for offending Islam. Or is he is merely following Hillary’s advice, and showing “empathy” for our enemies. If so, he is showing an extraordinary amount of empathy to the point of support for radical Islam. Obama completely boycotted the march in Paris. No one from his adminsitration showed! How someone so bright as Mr. Tobin, at this late juncture, fails to realize how much of an Islamacist Mr. Obama is, and how empathetic he is to those who espouse radical Islam (the Fort Hood shooter was involved with Obama’s transition team after his election) is hard to understand. His Islamacism is of a piece with his disdain for America, and his totalitarian instincts. As noted, Islam does not mean “peace”. It means “submission”. Obama expects submission, to him. He is a hard core Islamacist. That should be clear to everyone in America. All of this couching of criticism in euphemistic tones belying the assumption that Obama is for America is getting pretty worn out. Our commander in chief sides with the enemy who would destroy us. The only difference between radical Islam and Obama is the violence and overtness of the former, and the stealth approach of the latter. Wake up, Mr. Tobin. Obama’s actions, like those of the marchres, were symbolic in the extreme, and they plainly tell the story. Obama favors our enemies.

    • MARK REED says:

      So sad to acknowledge, but your comments may be an accurate representation of the mindset of the “Leader of the Free World.” How much more chaos will we see before this man retires to a life of riches in Hawaii?


    Obama’s descent into mediocrity and irrelevance has been stunning—unfortunately for our beloved country.

  3. EMILE TUBIANA says:

    I believe that Mr. Tobin is the best in providing clear analysis of current events and presenting them wisely, without insulting anyone, and especially not the president. But I understand what Mr. Kent Lyon is saying. To some it is self-evident, and to others it is not. Since Obama’s Cairo speech I thought that he would play a role in attracting young Muslims, but he was not very specific about it. It seems to me that he or his advisers do not know American and European history very well, and even less the Arab way of thinking. I think he did not change his mind regarding the Arab World and Iran. He has his own agenda that no one can know for sure


    Our President is ANGRY at the Western (White man) world. Tobin wants to be a “responsible” journalist. His refusal to support moderate American Muslims tells it ALL.

  5. MICHAEL WOLIN says:

    I am rather amazed at all the ink spilled by so many journalists trying to explain Obama’s behavior while still counting him as pro-American. The simple explanation to his otherwise puzzling behavior is nailed by Mr. Lyon. We have an Islamist in the White House. That is a shocking thing to say, and not to be said lightly. But to all those who insist he is a patriot and saying otherwise is a calumny, I ask: How would Obama behave differently if he WERE an Islamist?

  6. MICHAEL JACOB says:

    I think the major factor in not including any US officials of significance in the march was Obama’s fear of offending Muslims, since there would be so many signs of support for Charley Hebdo at the event. For Obama, the anti-Islamist content of the magazine was probably considered as horrific as the massacre itself.


    Jonathan, this decision may have been based on discussions around possible negatives for the French initiative with senior US involvement.

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