In Pennsylvania, the dead don’t vote, they win elected office. At least that’s what happened in Tarentum and Freeport, both cities in Allegheny County, when the two candidates for mayor — both of whom died in September — ran unopposed. James Wolfe, who served as mayor of Tarentum for 32 years, died Sept. 10, and it is unclear why his name wasn’t taken off the ballot before ballots went to the printer on Sept. 21. His family or the state Democratic party would have had to request it. Bob Ravotti, who was mayor of Freeport for 28 years, died after the deadline on Sept. 28.

The Pittsburgh Tribune review spoke to Angie Reeves of Tarentum, who said she did not cast a vote for mayor. “No, I didn’t know who to vote for,” she said. “I didn’t want to vote for James Wolfe because he died. Why the heck would you vote for a dead person? I would rather not vote.”

Others felt voting for the dead was a fitting tribute. Frances Alter said she voted for the deceased Wolfe because “We won’t find anyone as good as him.”

Dead Mayors Win via @commentarymagazine
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