Michael says, “Military action against Iran should be the very last option and used only if everything short of it fails.”

But if Marty Peretz is right, the administration has taken that “last option” off the table. As Jennifer pointed out, he seconded a report that Dennis Ross is apparently out as special envoy on Iran. I found this detail particularly interesting:

I had an inkling of trouble a few weeks ago when The New Republic was negotiating to publish a small part of a new book, Myths, Illusions and Peace: Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East, which Ross co-wrote with David Makovsky. Yes, the text of the book raises the possibility of a strike of last resort against Iran’s nuclear installations. In any event, the State Department wouldn’t give its approval. And you now know why. Or do you? I believe it’s because the administration has given up the military option.

By the way, Peretz sort of speeds past this, but it would have been bad enough had Ross been removed because the Iranians demanded it.

Re: They Can’t Even Tolerate Dennis Ross via @commentarymagazine
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