In the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart records a friend’s astute observation regarding the celebrated Al Jazeera coverage of Egypt:

“I was curious how they would handle the Lara Logan incident,” [Paul] Chamberlain continued. “Go here and search ‘Lara Logan.’ ” When you do it, your reaction might be the same as mine to Chamberlain, “um … crickets.” There was and continues to be nothing there. Or at al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language site. Wow. He did note that BBC, Times of India and Le Monde all carried stories on Logan’s assault.

Lest we forget, Al Jazeera is a good mini-analogue for the region at large. It shows many welcome indications of openness and a willingness to mimic Western institutions, but we romanticize its achievements at our own risk.

CNN It’s Not via @commentarymagazine
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