Is Herman Cain reassessing his candidacy? That’s what Robert Costa’s reporting, and Cain’s campaign chief Mark Block apparently confirmed it with ABC. It sounds like we’ll know more in the next couple of days:

In a conference call this morning, Herman Cain told his senior staff that he is “reassessing” whether to remain in the race. He told them he will make his final decision “over the next several days.”

Why would the Cain campaign make this publicly known, unless he was already leaning toward dropping out? When you say you’re reassessing your candidacy, that doesn’t instill confidence in your supporters, and will likely prompt a lot of them to start taking a look at the other candidates. The politicians who managed to stay afloat after a scandal usually follow a typical pattern: deny as much as possible, remain defiant, and don’t even hint at the possibility of stepping down.

It also seems strange that Cain would consider stepping down now, when it’s still unclear what the impact of the allegations will be. He vehemently denied the affair last night, and right now the story is just at the “he said-she said” stage. If Cain’s telling the truth, why not fight this? Either he knows evidence will come out proving he lied to the public, or…what? Obviously it’s a stressful situation for his family, but if Cain was willing to put them through the sexual harassment allegations, why drop out now?

Report: Cain Reassessing Candidacy via @commentarymagazine
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