A Preview of the Blago Trial

Governor Blagojevich is pleading his case before the Illinois Senate. Meanwhile, his interview with Campbell Brown contained these eye-opening tidbits:

Blagojevich: But if I am given a chance to bring evidence in an impeachment trial and have the whole story brought to bear. If I can bring his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel in to testify, who said 10 days ago that there was nothing inappropriate in his conversations with me.

He may not be able to drag the Obama advisors before the Illinois state senate, but he’s going to be able to get some or all of them in front of a jury in a criminal proceeding as direct witnesses to the alleged bribery crime.  Then it gets interesting. If Blago is right and these witnesses confirm there really wasn’t any discussion of a quid pro quo for the senate seat, what happens to this part of the case?  But conversely, if the witnesses bolster Patrick Fitzgerald’s case that Blago was trolling for a reward, then the Obama advisors are in hot water (for among other things not being candid in the White House’s internal investigation).

Whichever way it comes out it will make for riveting courtroom drama, and an embarrassing distraction for the administration.