ABC News published more bombshell audio recordings of conversations between a gun dealer and an ATF agent, who were both intimately involved in the Fast and Furious gunrunner scandal. The latest audio appears to reveal dealer Andre Howard and ATF agent Hope McAllister discussing the murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry as “collateral damage”:

Dealer: Unfortunately a consequence occurred from a weapon shall we say that found its way into the wrong area ok and that was not anticipated. Nobody could foresee that that’s collateral damage I think the term is. It happened. It’s terrible. That’s life ok we move on. Unfortunately, Mr. Dodson with his allegation is a pain in the a–. Now, my understanding now is it will be impossible now that he will be able to substantiate anything directly because that evidence is gone. I want you to know that. It don’t exist. Not that one. You understand me?

Agent: MMhmm.

Dealer: Good. I get that.

The dealer, Howard, is now a key witness for the House Oversight Committee investigation, and claims to have made the recordings so he could blow the whistle on the operation. Whatever Howard’s motive, McAllister’s speedy “mhmm” of agreement says it all.

The full set of audio tapes has been turned over to the committee, and the other ones that have leaked out so far to CBS News have also shed light on the internal ATF reaction to the developing scandal. Based on the audio released, it sounds like this controversy is deeper and more reprehensible than anyone initially suspected.

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