But France Said It Would Take One

Closing Guantamo Bay is proving more or less, you know, impossible:

The Obama administration’s effort to return the largest group of Guantánamo detainees to Yemen, their home country, has stalled, creating a major new hurdle for the president’s plan to close the prison camp in Cuba by next January, American and Yemeni officials say.

You mean it doesn’t make sense to take former al Qaeda members out of a safe, efficient, and lawful American-run prison and send them to the fastest growing jihad hotbed in the Arab world???

This is, for what it’s worth, another example of Obama paying the price for taking his policy cues from a hysterical contingent of the American public. Just like the AIG bonus warfare and the interrogation memos fiasco, the Guantanamo closing is nothing more than bad-faith politics. The problem is that it’s not just Obama who pays the price for these forays into the anti-Bush fever swamps. We now look, yet again, like a country divided and stymied. Our enemies and allies see us in perpetual self-flagellation without the means for correction or improvement. It’s getting to the point of daily disaster.