DSCC Launches Anti-Murdoch Campaign

It’s one thing for members of Congress to call for investigations of Rupert Murdoch, but there’s something disquieting about the fundraising arm of a political party targeting a media organization because they don’t like what it publishes. Will any journalists or free press organizations speak up in defense of News Corp. on this? Doubtful:

The DSCC has launched a petition to “Stand With Democrats & Demand that Murdoch Come Clean on Spying,” as they put it in the ad that is the first thing anyone Googling “Rupert Murdoch” will see today. …

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem with Murdoch being investigated if there are credible allegations of wrongdoing against him (as opposed to a politically-motivated fishing expedition), and the FBI is already on the case. I just think if the DSCC was running political ads targeting the owners of CNN or the Washington Post Co. instead of News Corp., other members of the fourth estate would be rightly outraged.