Voters Don’t Blame Wall Street for Economy

Forget the “99 percent.” Just 33 percent of Americans blame Wall Street for the financial crisis and recession, according to the latest poll by The Hill. But the majority of Americans do hold one institution responsible for the economy – the federal government:

The [Occupy Wall Street] movement appears to have struck a chord with progressive voters, but it does not seem to represent the feelings of the wider public.

So in other words, Americans have much more in common with the Tea Party than they do with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. A plurality of Americans – 38 percent – also believe that the OWS protests will end up hurting Obama and the Democrats in 2012. Another 28 percent say the movement will help their chances.

Those last numbers can be interpreted in several different ways. The protests have the ability to hurt Democrats not only with independent voters who see the movement as too radical, but also with left-wing voters who are becoming energized in opposition to Obama. As much as the Democrats are trying to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protesters are similar to the Tea Party in that they’re directing anger at both political parties.