Ho, hum. Another poll –this time from Scott Rasmussen — finds President Obama’s handling on the economy has dropped to a new low.

The most recent Rasmussen Reports finds just 29 percent of voters believe the president is doing a good or an excellent job on the economy. More than half — 51 percent — give Obama poor marks on the economy, the most pessimistic assessment of his economic performance to date.

Only 56 percent of Democrats still give the president good or excellent marks on the economy, while 79 percent of Republicans think he’’s doing a poor job. Among those not affiliated with either major party, only two in 10 (21 percent) offer good or excellent reviews while 55 percent give poor reviews.

As we get closer to the election, public confidence in Obama continues to drop. At some point, presumably, this has to stop. But my guess is we’re not at that point yet.