Reich Is on a Roll

Robert Reich talks sense on the car bailout:

GM just announced it was laying of 21,000 more of its workers, as a means of assurring the Treasury Department the company is worthy of more bailout money. A Treasury official was quoted as saying approvingly that the goal is a “slimmed-down” GM.

Well, that’s right. But the object here is a grand experiment in union-statism, or whatever you want to call the alliance between the Obama administration and the new management at Chrysler, and likely GM, — which is the UAW. (Gives “union bosses” a whole new meaning.)

This is  likely to be extremely unpopular with the voters who don’t like bailouts one bit. But we’ll also see the grand experiment plays out before our eyes. A company with fewer employees run for and by unions with a huge taxpayer subsidy. — wow! If you didn’t know better you’d think Big Labor’s political influence trumps all other considerations in this administration.