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It Takes a Political Pac

Image by © Niu Xiaolei/Xinhua Press/Corbis

Hillary Clinton will soon be launching a political organization aimed at opposing the Trump administration. The group, “Onward Together,” intends to connect liberal donors to various anti-Trump organizations and support congressional candidates in 2018. Brandishing her Ph.D. in tone deafness, Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour earlier in the week, “I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.” So, like any other activist citizen, she and her former campaign finance director (who’s also the former chief development officer at the Clinton Foundation) are hitting up their wealthy contacts once again.

This is what the Clintons do. They take political trends and suffocate them by building self-serving organizations around them. They dined out on globalism for a decade, helping to sour Americans on the concept. Once their work was done there, Hillary rejected the Trans-Pacific Partnership and went in search of the next liberal craze to muscle in on. She’s found it in “the resistance” to Trump. Just as Barack Obama gave Hillary a job after defeating her, Trump, in his victory, has made sure that she’ll have something to do for the next few years. Chances are that with the Clintons involved, the resistance is in for a tough time. But Hillary’s new group will keep the Clinton brand alive at the nexus of money and politics, and that’s the important thing.

Hillary is certain to be a drag on the Democrats now. The party’s shot at relevance rests on capturing the working-class Americans who decided to take a chance on Trump. How’s the woman who bragged about putting coal miners out of work in 2016 going to help with that? For some, of course, none of this matters. Many of those who’ve been protesting since Trump’s victory will be thrilled to have Hillary back in the mix. If it doesn’t help the Democrats, too bad. An enduring aspect of Clinton fandom is that it’s as self-serving as the family it celebrates. The creation of Onward Together means that the Clintons are not abdicating their position as first family of the Bubble. Whether or not the Democrats spit the Bubble out remains to be seen.

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