Holder and Napolitano Aren’t Off the Reservation

Steve Huntley thinks Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder should get canned:

The administration’s determination to separate itself from the Bush-era attitudes on terrorism and its failure to secure the border have thrown Holder and Napolitano on the defensive.

Huntley correctly perceives that Holder’s obvious discomfort in naming our enemy undermines our ability to rally moderate Muslims to our side. (“What must the Muslim victims of those crimes and others in Islamic nations think of a high Obama administration official who can’t distinguish between conventional Islam and murderous Islamism? How are we to win an ideological struggle if we can’t declare who the enemy is?”) But he is stumped as to why Obama would “tolerate such irresponsible conduct from Holder and Napolitano.”

Well, it’s not hard to figure out why: Obama agrees with them, or rather they agree with and are eagerly serving their boss. It’s no accident that neither Holder nor Napolitano displays candor about jihadist attacks or will articulate that we are engaged in a war for Western civilization against Muslim fundamentalists. This is Obama’s modus operandi and worldview. He’s not willing to name the enemy. He’s not willing to drop the criminal-justice fetish in favor of an appropriate wartime stance toward terrorists. Holder and Napolitano aren’t freelancing — they are marching to the beat set by the president. A better question then is: will the American people tolerate such irresponsible conduct from their president?