Military Families Furious at White House

ABC News seems to be the only MSM outlet onto this story:

Brian Wise, executive director of Military Families United, told ABC News that “Over 5,000 military families from across the United States responded to an Action Alert from Military Families United about President Obama’s first release of a terrorist from Guantanamo Bay[Binyam Mohamed]. The White House was inundated with calls from military families, veterans and others who voiced their outrage over President Obama releasing a purported enemy combatant.

Wise also specifically criticized Obama for failing to keep the families abreast of new developments, something he had promised to do in his meeting earlier in the month with families of the victims of the U.S.S. Cole bombing.

Now imagine if thousands of families were jamming the White House switchboard to protest some decision by George W. Bush, or if Bush had broken his word to a group of grieving families. The outraged families would be on every talk show in sight. The press would be clammoring for answers. This seems like a rather significant development and a potential headache for the White House.

The release of Mohamed (who was trained at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan) to the UK will give us some understanding of how the Obama decisions on Guantanamo detainees will be received. If this is any indication, there are many Americans (whether the media chooses to recognize them or not) who think releasing trained terrorists is one rotten idea.