More Than a Thumpin’

My column today in the New York Post says what happens on November 2 on a national scale is already baked in the cake; nothing that happens in the last week is going to make much of a difference (barring a huge event):

We’ve had 18 months of data points from many different sources that all tell the same story: Americans who vote have radically changed direction when it comes to which party they prefer. In both 2006 and 2008, voters said they preferred Democrats by margins of 8 to 12 points, and on Election Day handed Democrats landslide victories. But Republicans have led in the so-called “generic polls” since March 2009 without letup — and the gap between the two parties has remained stable at a level comparable to the previous Democratic advantage.

And that buyer’s remorse is not momentary or sudden. The shift began 18 months ago. The trend line has been stable and long-lasting. Nothing from spring 2009 to autumn 2010 has come along to alter the trajectory. It is almost impossible that something will do so in the next seven days.

You can read the whole thing here.