Obama Takes Jobs Speech to Boehner’s Turf

President Obama will continue his push for jobs today with a speech in Rep. John Boehner’s district that’s likely to be a rehash of the same one we’ve been hearing for weeks. His backdrop will be the Brent Spence Bridge, which he says is an example of one of the bridges he wants repaired right away. But as Andrew Malcolm points out, the president’s characterization of the project is misleading:

[P]lans are not to repair or replace the Brent Spence Bridge. But to build another bridge nearby to ease the loads. …

Republicans are already mocking the president for claiming his stimulus bill will help repair the bridge. “Obama’s stimulus rhetoric fails to span the gap to Realityville,” said the Republican National Committee in a statement.

So why not choose another bridge to stand in front of that actually needs repairing and will actually receive funding from Obama’s proposed stimulus? Because that might require the president to bring his jobs speech to a non-battleground state, which he hasn’t seemed eager to do recently.