Shaken by a weekend marked by two mass shootings in over just 11 hours, Donald Trump sought to assuage American fears by throwing policy proposals against the wall and seeing what stuck.

The president began his remarks today by advocating stricter restrictions on gun ownership in the form of a stronger background checks regime. He complained of media sensationalism contributing to an atmosphere of “anger and rage.” He warned of “the dark recesses of the Internet,” including social media, where “radicalized disturbed minds” resolve to “perform determined acts.” He condemned “gruesome and grizzly video games.” He described the need to reform America’s mental health laws to make it easier to commit involuntarily those who might pose a danger. He asked Congress to strengthen “red flag laws,” which allow police or family members to petition law enforcement to confiscate firearms from the demonstrably unbalanced. He promised to demand that the Justice Department seek capital punishment for people who “commit hate crimes and mass murders” without the delays imposed on the process by the right of appeal.


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