Re: Shameful

On Friday, word came that the House Democratic leadership, in defiance of the president’s wishes, was unwilling to prevent passage of the Lieberman-Graham Amendment seeking to block release of the detainee abuse photos. Sens. Lieberman and Graham have put out a press release that, in part, reads:

The President has said that the release of the photos of detainees in U.S. custody would “put our troops and civilians serving our nation abroad in greater danger.” We agree with the Commander in Chief.

It seems inconceivable that the Democratic House leadership would defy their president and imperil the safety of American troops to curry favor with the netroot fringe of their party. But perhaps the threat of seeing the measure come up on each and every piece of legislation and seeing business grind to a halt will convince them to re-orient their priorities. And as for the president, now that he’s back from Paris, perhaps he could weigh in as well.