Stuff Just Slips Through the Cracks

A little insight into your government at work comes from ABC News ,which describes the apology DHS Secretary Napolitano was forced to cough up after the “rightwing extremism” report:

A DHS official tells ABC News that the secretary met personally with Rehbein and issued a mea culpa. The official said Napolitano told Rehbein that “the report was poorly written. It didn’t pass the standards of an internal review and therefore it shouldn’t have gone out the door.”

220,000 employees in one department? That’s twice the size of the IRS and  bigger than the Marines. You may recall those who raised concerns about creating a mammoth department thought DHS would become unmanageable and make us less secure. We now have a bureaucracy so big that “things slip through the cracks.” We can hope that what’s slipping through is just sloppy paperwork, but one suspects the problem is not limited to an errant report.

The biggest problem for DHS then may not be that its secretary did not know how the 9-11 terrorists got into the country. It has become what its critics feared: a jumble of agencies too big to manage and too disorganized to effectively do its job.