There’s something even more offensive than pundits and comedians using their platforms to launch nasty or sexist attacks on people they disagree with politically. And that’s the selective outrage and brazen hypocrisy of this White House, which calculatedly stirred up anger about Rush Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke comments for political gain, but seemingly has no problem when liberal comedians and talk show hosts take sexist jabs at conservative women.

Sarah Palin’s ShePAC shines a light on the White House’s indefensible double-standard:

The real issue isn’t so much that the comments in the clip are offensive, though many of them obviously are. It’s the fact that the petty political scheming of this administration reaches the highest level in the White House. How else to explain the fact that Sandra Fluke warranted a sympathy phone call from President Obama, but Bill Maher’s nasty jokes about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy are shrugged off by White House officials? For that matter, how do you explain Fluke’s call, when Obama still hasn’t managed to ring up Sen. Mark Kirk since his stroke?

The obvious conclusion is that Obama and his advisers saw a political advantage to making hay out of the Fluke controversy, and they eagerly exploited it. Only now are they starting to get burned. Obama adviser David Axelrod was pressured into canceling his appearance on Bill Maher’s show, and ShePAC is continuing to turn up the heat on Obama with its new ads.

This isn’t about taking down Maher, Ed Schultz and David Letterman, who are free to say whatever they choose to. It’s about expecting the president to spend his time leading the country rather than engaging in trivial political games and constructing phony controversies designed to help his reelection campaign.