Anti-Semitism Rising at Penn State

Here is how Pennsylvania State University’s Daily Collegian described yesterday’s student protest of the war in Gaza:

Waving vibrant Palestinian flags and holding head-turning signs, students and community members gathered Wednesday at the Allen Street gates to protest the conflict in Gaza.

But on the social networking website, the event was advertised in a manner more revealing of the group’s true aims:

As many of you may already know, the people of Gaza are undergoing a massacre at the hands of their Israeli oppressors. For the past two weeks, Israel has been continuously attacking the strip in its insane attempt at annihilating Hamas, the beacon of the Palestinian resistance.

In the process of doing this, not only have they killed hundreds of our brothers in arms, but they also have indiscriminately massacred civilians. The death toll is already more than 700, dozens of whom are civilians, making it one of the bloodiest, most inhumane episodes in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

So, according to Students for Justice in Palestine — the sponsoring group — Hamas is “the beacon of the Palestinian resistance.” This student group, which pretends to “promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian people,” regards the terrorist group as its “brother in arms.”

This is nothing short of sickening.