At National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg notes that a new anti-Israel group called “Move Over AIPAC” will be honoring Helen Thomas at its summit next month. The goal of the organization is apparently to “expose AIPAC and usher in a “new foreign policy,” according to its website.  It’s not clear what this new policy would be, but apparently it’s endorsed by a lot of aging, irrelevant anti-Israel types:

Move Over AIPAC is endorsed by changemakers including: writer Alice Walker, journalist Helen Thomas, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, The Israel Lobby authors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, past American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee President Abdeen Jabara, authors Nadia Hijab and Naomi Klein, Jewish Voice for Peace EDRebecca Vilkomerson, former US Senator James Abourezk, Israeli activist and researcher Dalit Baum, blogger/writer Laila El Haddad, clown doctor Patch Adams, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, union organizer Bill Fletcher, analyst Phyllis Bennis, human rights advocate Anna Baltzer, and many more.

And yes, that’s the eponymous Patch Adams, as in the 1998 Robin Williams movie. In preparation for the “Move Over AIPAC” summit, Adams and one of the Code Pink shrews even cut this unintentionally hilarious promotional video for the event with a camcorder in somebody’s grandmother’s rec room (because nothing says “the tide is turning against AIPAC” like old men in pony-tails and fake plastic butt jokes).

AIPAC should be thanking the stars the group has formed. The Patch Adams video alone does more to discredit the anti-lobby movement than anything Israel supporters could ever come up with.

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