Taking Anti-Semitism Seriously

President of the Israel Project Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi has released a statement explaining that she previously complained about hate material dropped in her driveway in 2005 from The National Alliance, a group the Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn was associated with. She states:

The material from National Alliance – all 22 pages of it – was rolled up in a plastic bag and lying next to my local paper. On the outside of the handouts appeared a photo of a blond-haired, blue-eyed child with the headline “Missing” blown up and written in bold. When I saw it, I opened the material thinking it was to help an innocent child. However, what I saw were the words “A Future For White Children Is Missing.” Within the pages, Jews were described as “kikes” with “hook noses” beneath headlines like, “When The Goddamn Jews Take Over America!”

We’ll see in the days and weeks ahead what associations von Brunn had and whether law enforcement officials ever investigated complaints about him. (We already know he received a paltry 6 1/2 year sentence for threatening to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve.) But the message is an important one: when people commit themselves to eradicating Jews, denying the Holocaust, or rooting out nefarious Jewish control of America, we should perk up.