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Mr. Lehrman Prophesies

To the Editor:

Just how many people have drawn your attention to Mr. Hal Lehrman’s “prophetic” anecdote in his article “Three Weeks in Cairo,” in your issue of last February? I refer to his remark, “In Cairo salons I even heard lugubrious speculations that the Soviet arms shipments endanger Egypt: It only leaves more stuff around for Israelis to capture.”

In Israel at that time, shortly after a punitive raid, when the troops brought back a few lorries and guns, the current wisecrack was: Question: Who is the biggest donor to the Keren Magen (Arms Fund)? Answer: The Egyptian army. Today it has proven true.

Could you please convey to Mr. Lehrman my sincerest congratulations and admiration for a brilliant piece of reporting.

M. T. Goodman
Jerusalem, Israel


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