The election of Donald Trump in 2016 triggered the liberal fight-or-flight response, most acutely in Hollywood. Celebrities such as Girls star Lena Dunham and pop singer Miley Cyrus announced that they would leave the country; others declared themselves shocked, shocked! that a man who had embraced traditional celebrity tactics such as shamelessly defying social norms and ostentatiously boasting about his wealth and sexual prowess had somehow ended up in the White House—a building that Madonna claimed she now thought a lot about blowing up.

Trump’s election also weighed heavily on the minds of Robert and Michelle King, the husband-and-wife creators of the CBS streaming channel drama, The Good Fight. The show, a spin-off of their popular series The Good Wife, was originally designed to be the story of how powerful female barrister Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) was going to set herself to the task of shattering glass ceilings in the law in the manner of her hero, Hillary Clinton.


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