Okay, here’s the pitch. As the movie begins, we’re in one of those awful sweatshop factories—not sure about the era, but let’s say the 1950s, when there are lots of rich wardrobe possibilities and we can get period-appropriate cars easily. Also, it should take place before air-conditioning, so we’ve got some ceiling-fan atmosphere and sweaty shirts and all of the actors look dewy and appealing.

This is a social-justice picture, with a message. The workers in the steambath of a factory have suddenly realized—don’t ask why it took them so long, just stay with the pitch, okay?—anyway, they’ve recently discovered that another group of workers in the same sweaty industry—doesn’t matter which industry, okay? Just let me get through the pitch!—so, another group of workers, office types in suits and ties, who take long lunches and never seem to be in the office, and certainly don’t work as hard as the perspiring workers on the factory floor, are making a lot more money than our heroes.


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