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Kevin Williamson

It should be clear by now that the Atlantic's unexpected hiring and even more abrupt firing of COMMENTARY contributor Kevin Williamson has broader implications for the...

When I was an English major at the University of Texas, I often found myself registering for classes late because I was still paying off...

The news this morning that the unemployment has fallen below 4 percent for the first time since the year 2000—which was itself the first time...
Donald Trump

If you listen close, you can already hear the gears turning in the heads of Donald Trump’s self-appointed excuse-makers. Their torment was exaggerated this week...
Better Deal

When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled his party’s new pitch in the summer of 2017, he made certain to assure voters that “is not...

For Democrats, the 2012 election felt less like a competition than a confirmation. Despite a disappointing economy and the reemergence of an Islamist terrorist threat...
Pope Francis

With every minute that passes, the odds of a successful rescue get longer. But there is one long-shot hope left.

Not one speaker depicted the creation of Israel as anything other than a moral calamity.

Local police have warned social-media users to be careful what they say online about the matter.

A rebuke to the callous judges and experts who would substitute their own judgement for that of parents in matters of life and death. 

Bernie Sanders

That’s the thing about socialism: It can accomplish miracles so long as you leave the details out.


So as long as a disruption is no more than eight—or ten?—or 30?—minutes, it’s not a violation. And as long as the speaker can somehow continue, on some topic, somewhere, it’s not a violation.