Miley Cyrus Dedicates Song to OWS

Click here if you want to punish your eardrums; otherwise, just read on for the general story. Now that celebrities like Disney’s Hannah Montana are getting on board with OWS, how long will it be before the movement gets too “mainstream” for its college hipster base?

Count Miley Cyrus amongst the celebrities supporting Occupy Wall Street.

Cyrus isn’t the only celebrity shamelessly trying to capitalize off the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jay-Z was even hawking his own OWS t-shirts for a short time, until activists started blasting him for not spreading his profits around. On one hand, this could initially seem like a victory for OWS – from the beginning, the movement’s goal has been to generate mainstream appeal. But the screaming pre-teen girl demographic that’s influenced by pop stars like Cyrus isn’t the group the Occupiers want to win over. OWS is trying to target middle and lower-middle class adults, college activists, people of voting age. The one common thread all these groups share is that they can’t stand Miley Cyrus.

Which may actually be why she’s trying to pin herself to OWS – she probably hopes it will help boost her own fading relevancy. Unfortunately, it’s not going to do her much good.

OWS’s attempt to hijack Black Friday was a bust. Polls show the movement becoming less popular with Americans. And now it’s being endorsed by gratingly annoying child pop stars. If this trend continues, how long before it disappears from the political radar completely?