The much-hyped Andrew Breitbart video of President Obama’s college days we’ve been hearing about didn’t live up to all the talk. It shows Obama embracing and praising a radical Harvard professor when he was at law school, and while it’s an interesting peak into Obama’s younger years, it’s not exactly a bombshell.

But, as Ed Morrissey explains, that’s not the point. “The point of Andrew [Breitbart]’s final project isn’t so much to make Obama’s early radical ties clear; it’s to point out how the media tried to keep them quiet.”

When the mainstream media considers it a major story that Rick Santorum’s wife once dated an abortion provider more than two decades ago, you have to wonder why it didn’t even merit a news brief that Obama is on video hugging and endorsing a radical academic who had some troubling views on white people and Jews – especially when you remember that his association with Jeremiah Wright was a big controversy back in ’08.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien (unintentionally) made this double standard even clearer today, when she tried to dismiss this as a non-story during a panel with Breitbart editor Joel Pollak. But she underestimated Pollak, and only ended up exposing her own bias and embarrassing her network in the process:

Making Obama’s “radical ties” an election issue is a losing strategy for Republicans, especially because there’s so much to attack him for in terms of his presidential record. But that doesn’t mean the media double standard for covering Republican and Democratic politicians isn’t infuriating. The Breitbart video campaign is aimed at exposing just that, and O’Brien’s comments today helped them along.

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