Commentary of the Day

CK MacLeod, on Jennifer Rubin:

You know, if some of you McCain critics with your ridiculous amazement at the fact that McCain answers questions crisply and quickly actually watched him at town hall, you wouldn’t find his performance the other night very unusual. That’s how he is. That’s what he does. He’s used to answering every kind of question. Newsflash: Unlike your guy, he’s actually an experienced politician who’s been answering questions of all types for 30 years. Unlike your guy, he’s been giving town halls almost daily, sometimes more than one time a day, for months. In the meantime, unlike your guy, for most of that time up until fairly recently, he was so open with the press that rightwingers referred to the media as his “real base.” This is John McCain. He doesn’t need the questions ahead of time. If he had them ahead of time, he’d probably be at a disadvantage since he and his staff would try to contrive responses and he’s not as good at following a script.