In 2012, the University Chicago released a Statement on Principles of Free Expression, which is an antidote to activist demands that institutions of higher learning disinvite, shut down, or shout down invited campus speakers like Heather Mac Donald, a wrong-thinker on Black Lives Matter, or Christian Hoff Sommers, a wrong-thinker on feminism.

Episodes like those above are relatively rare—the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) counted 42 in the record year of 2016. And as the political scientist Jeffrey Sachs points out, controversial conservative speakers, including some fringe figures, sometimes tell us, at length and without interruption, how repressive universities are from behind podiums provided by colleges and universities. Still, it can hardly be doubted that even a small number of shout-downs can make those of us who arrange speaker visits think twice about inviting valuable speakers like Mac Donald and Sommers.


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