Here It Comes

It took awhile, but the MSM is starting to flex its muscles. After all, they can’t let a scandal as juicy as Blago-gate go uncovered. Faced with a tight-lipped presidential team, you knew that sooner or later the media would start — brace yourself — asking hard questions and becoming irritated by non-answers. From the New York Times:

Mr. Obama said Tuesday that he had never spoken with the governor about the seat, and prosecutors have not implicated Mr. Obama or his advisers. At the same time, Mr. Obama’s team has declined for two days to answer questions about what discussions they had about the seat and whether intermediaries had any contacts with Mr. Blagojevich’s advisers.

But the zinger is a few paragraphs down:

Mr. Emanuel was among the few people in Mr. Obama’s circle who occasionally spoke to Mr. Blagojevich. He declined to answer questions on Wednesday, waving off a reporter who approached him as he walked across Capitol Hill.

A Democrat familiar with Illinois politics and the Obama transition, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said there probably were calls between the Blagojevich and Obama camps about the Senate seat. It was not clear if any calls were recorded by federal agents, who had tapped the governor’s phones.

Okay, if it were a Republican there would be a two-inch headline : “NEW CHIEF OF STAFF TALKED WITH BLAGO –SCANDAL GROWS.” But even in its milder form, this is fairly troubling information. The “we didn’t” vs. “I didn’t” talk to Blago distinction that the President-elect stammered out when first pressed on Blago’s contacts with the transition team does seem to have been a key one.

If in fact Emanuel had conversations with Blago that were taped, the Obama team better get all the facts out. Fast. Otherwise, Emanuel and the Obama administration will be in for a tough ride.

So, is it over? (The honeymoon, of course.) Let’s just say the press is finding something more tantalizing than Obama-promotion: a fascinating scandal that potentially touches a key member of the new administration.