Makes No Difference to Moran

What’s the difference between Iran, the United States, and Israel? Not much, according to Representative Jim Moran (D-VA).

Asked by host Bruce DePuyt about his “reaction to the missile tests this week,” Moran said his reaction “is the same as my reaction to Israel’s provocative display about a week earlier.”

The Politico article goes on:

Last month, The New York Times reported that Israel carried out a military drill over the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Israeli officials have not publicly commented on the exercise, but have expressed serious concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.

Moran is simply unable to condemn Iran without condemning America and Israel, too. The Congressman, as his comments indicate, demonstrates a blatant disregard for fact: Iran poses a real existential threat to Israel. What makes its zealous quest for nuclear power frightening is the same reason that Iran must be called what it is: evil. The president of Iran prays for the concomitant death of Jews and destruction of Israel. So for Moran to equate Israel and America with Iran is to suggest that the three have committed just as egregious actions.

Sadly, Moran’s mistake is not exclusive to him; it’s indicative of broader trends of thinking among a certain segment of the Left. This radical sect (like its magazine of opinion, which James Kirchick wrote about earlier this week) has strayed far from its roots.