On the eve of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it’s useful to take a look at its legacy. There are plenty of ways to measure the depravity that we’ve seen during the past several months, but it’s simplest to focus on the following themes: arrests, assaults, death and disease – plus the financial burden that the rest of the country has to shoulder in order to clean it all up:

Number of arrests: 3,621 (via Occupy Arrests)

Number of deaths: 4 – one murder, one suicide, one suspected drug overdose and one mystery.

Number of sexual assaults: At least seven that have been reported to police. And there are signs that many may have gone unreported.

Number of contagious outbreaks: Seven, including tuberculosis, ring worm, Parvo, scabies, respiratory sickness, head and body lice, and fleas.

Cost of Occupation: At least $12,625,000. That’s just including the latest police and/or cleanup estimates from the following cities that have released the information: Oakland, New York City, Portland (here and here), L.A. (here and here) Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston and Denver. The actual numbers from the other cities, public service costs, and business costs not included could, and probably will, end up making this much higher.

Now it’s up to public officials to make sure those numbers don’t continue to rise.