I stopped by the Occupy DC protest in McPherson Square yesterday evening, and was mildly surprised to run into these guys:

If those Obama-as-Hitler signs look familiar, it’s because they’re from the same fringe, left-wing Lyndon LaRouche group the media falsely lumped in with the Tea Party back in 2009. Remember all the panic over “Nazi imagery” at Tea Party rallies? Almost all of it was due to the deranged LaRouche supporters, who show up pretty much to every political protest – right or left – to peddle Obama-Hitler comparisons and corner unsuspecting rally-goers into boring conversations on the Glass-Steagall Act.

Unsurprisingly, the LaRouche group’s appearance at the Occupy DC protests hasn’t received any coverage from the mainstream media, which never apologized for smearing the Tea Party as racists over the signs back during the health care debate. And apparently the LaRouchians aren’t too pleased the media gave the Tea Party credit for their signs, as the Media Research Center’s Joe Schoffstall found out yesterday.

Another photo of the LaRouche group below:

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