“Occupy” Movement to Picket Obama?

President Obama launched another campaign-heavy jobs tour across battleground states today, and the News-Record reports activists from the “Occupy Greensboro” movement may greet him with a protest at his North Carolina hotel:

A day after staging a 600-person march through town protesting financial inequities, about 200 campers and part-time demonstrators agreed by unanimous consent Sunday evening to pursue other tactics, including the possible picketing of the Proximity Hotel where they expect President Barack Obama to stay tonight during his two-day visit to North Carolina and Virginia.

The group voted to ask Obama to meet tonight with some members — a delegation bearing letters of “individual grievances.”

Occupy Greensboro has reportedly sent a letter to Obama requesting a meeting. “We wished to invite you to visit with our assembly and hear why the people gathered here are upset with our government,” read the letter.

Obama has been increasingly open about his support for Occupy Wall Street, but actually meeting with the protesters would be a huge step, definitively linking him to the controversial movement. On the other hand, rebuffing the movement’s invitation will also send a pointed message to Obama’s base, which largely supports the protests.

If Occupy Greensboro does decide to picket Obama, it will at least give us more insight into whether the activists will be harmful or beneficial for the president’s reelection bid. Up until now, the movement has resisted overtures from the Democratic Party. But if the demonstration outside Obama’s hotel is favorable to the president, he may have found a reliable source of political momentum for his campaign.