Obama Punts on Gay Rights Order

President Obama, who recently vowed to bypass the Washington gridlock by churning out executive orders, has suddenly decided he can wait for Congress to do its job, at least when it comes to controversial laws that he’d prefer not to make unilateral decisions on. The New York Times reports:

President Obama disappointed and vexed gay supporters on Wednesday with his decision, conveyed to activists by a senior adviser, not to sign an executive order banning discrimination by employers with federal contracts.

According to Think Progress, which reportedly had a representative at the meeting, the administration “will instead study whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees require employment protections.” Fair enough, although you would think Obama would have already considered that before promising gay activists he would institute an anti-discrimination policy for federal contractors during his 2008 campaign. Or maybe he could have ordered such a study at any point during the last three years of his presidency.