Fethullah Gülen is the U.S.-based Turkish Islamist leader. To his supporters, he is a man who preaches peace and interfaith tolerance, while to his detractors, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who seeks to undermine secularism and the interfaith relations about which he so often speaks.

A scholar helpfully brings to my attention a blog post from late last year that until now I had not seen: Dani Rodrik and Pınar Doğan, two Harvard-based scholars, have uncovered some of Gülen’s writings on Jews which should give pause for thought about where the shadowy preacher truly stands. From their “Balyoz Davası ve Gerçekler” (“Sledgehammer Case and Facts”) blog:

Even though they have lived in exile here and there and have led an almost nomadic existence, Jews have been able to maintain their racial characteristics with almost no loss. Moreover, the Jewish tribe is very intelligent. This intelligent tribe has put forth many things throughout history in the name of science and thought. But these have always been offered in the form of poisoned honey and have been presented to the world as such. For instance, Karl Marx is a Jew; the communism he developed looks like a good alternative to capitalism at first sight, but in essence it is a deathly poison mixed in honey… Jews will maintain their existence until the apocalypse. And shortly before the apocalypse, their mission of acting as the coil spring for humanity’s progress will come to an end, and they will prepare their end with their own hands.

Their incurable enmity to Islam and Muslims aside, these people, which look with scorn upon even their own prophets and killed many among them, will finally end up in the position of Nazis and will look for a place to hide in the four corners of the earth. Nevertheless, since dwelling on the true causes and motives related to this topic will both oppose the business of truth and result in raising undue passions, we shall let this pass for the moment. Yes, until Islam comes to be represented to the desired extent, it seems like luck will favor the Jews for some time still.

There is much, much more over at their blog, which is certainly worth a read. While the Gülen movement has been scrubbing anti-Semitic content from online versions of their leader’s writings, that merely shows a disturbing discrepancy between Gülen’s preaching for internal consumption and external use only. Perhaps it is time for some of the state legislators and universities that take Gülen’s largesse to reconsider just where they stand.

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