So aside from detainees getting tortured and killed, at least the rest of the situation in Libya is going well:

Fury over the accidental burning of Korans in Afghanistan seemed to spill into Libya last month when an angry mob descended upon Benghazi Military Cemetery and smashed dozens of Christian and Jewish graves… Libya’s National Transitional Council has condemned the actions of the mob and pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The desecrated WWII cemetery contained the graves of Jewish and Christian troops from the U.S. and the U.K. The Daily Mail declared it an “insult to WWII heroes” before exploring – at length – what America did to trigger all the rioting. They even managed to rope in the on-going domestic controversy about FBI counter-terrorism materials, for completion’s sake. No one has yet investigated whether the crowd would have been placated had we hanged the U.S. officers and burned down the White House in penance, as Iranian Basij Commander Brig.-Gen. Muhammad Reza Naqdi ordered us to do.

Late last year, Reuters FaithWorld blogger Tom Heneghan mused aloud about “which kind” of Islamism would take hold in the post-Arab Spring countries. Islamism was now undeniably sweeping the region – in sharp contrast to the gratingly condescending predictions of Middle East experts – but maybe it would be the kind of Islamism that didn’t involve desecrating the graves of Christians and Jews in Libya when Korans are burned in Afghanistan.

Turns out, not so much.

It’s not a total loss though. The administration has been demagoguing Republicans for criticizing the president and thereby “inflam[ing]” the issue – an unfortunate choice of verbs, but there you have it – so this graveyard desecration will at least give them an additional talking point.

Here’s the video: