This startling detail appears in a story published today at about radiation at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant:

Two workers at the plant died in the initial earthquake and tsunami disasters on March 11 and a third died from a heart attack on May 14 while working in a waste disposal building. All three deaths were unrelated to nuclear radiation.

No one has died from the radiation leaked at Fukushima. Amazing, when you consider the accident caused Germany to forswear nuclear power altogether, and anti-nuclear activists in every free country have been pushing their governments to follow suit.  What’s even more amazing is the story itself is headlined “Death in seconds” and details newly discovered pockets of radiation at the plant “that could lead to incapacitation or death after just several seconds of exposure.” We shouldn’t be callous about the potential long-term damage, and few things are scarier than an unstoppable nuclear meltdown, but it sure seems like a political meltdown immediately supplanted the original disaster.  

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