A Bomb in Denmark

Capping off a week of Muslim riots in Denmark, a bomb was detonated in a Copenhagen suntan shop this morning. In an earlier post, I pointed out the incongruity between liberal America’s perception of a blissed-out, live-and-let-live Denmark (promoted on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes broadcast) and the actual country—a key historical epicenter of Western thought and culture now in a violent struggle to uphold its prominence among nations. Several Danes interviewed for the 60 Minutes segment spoke about the Danish trait of expecting little and accommodating plenty. Morley Safer seemed to be on board as those interviewed recommended that America follow their lead in this regard. The segment completely ignored the price that comes with such moping passivity. For those who’d rather hear about Denmark’s woes from a Dane instead of an American, here’s journalist Jakob Illeborg on today’s bombing:

Denmark, once acknowledged for her liberal stance and social egalitarianism, has over the last years become an increasingly polarised society where the differences between the Danish majority and migrants and especially Muslim migrants have been the dominant political agenda.

Illeborg goes on to draw a conclusion that is very much in keeping with 60 Minutes’ portrait of an accommodating Danish mindset, ever-ready to submit:

The Danes will have to adopt a political culture that is more accepting of people who don’t think and behave like us. Of course there must be limits to what we will accept, but so far neither our society nor our way of life is under threat. Maybe the lesson is to keep our powder dry for when it really matters.

“When it really matters”???