WikiLeaks Founder Gets a Talk Show…On “Russia Today”

When you’re a self-proclaimed government transparency crusader and whistleblower advocate, there’s obviously no better news outlet to air your talk show than the official Kremlin propaganda organ, “Russia Today“:

[WikiLeaks founder] Julian Assange, self-styled foe of government secrets and conspiracies of the powerful, is going to be a star on a TV network backed by the Kremlin. The same Kremlin that has done suspiciously little to investigate or prevent the killings and beatings of journalists that have plagued Russia for more than a decade. The same Kremlin accused of blatant fraud in December’s parliamentary elections. The same Kremlin whose control of the country’s broadcast media allowed it to suppress coverage of the massive protests mounted in response to that fraud. The same Kremlin whose embrace of corruption led to Russia being named “the world’s most corrupt major economy” by Transparency International in 2011.

Assange has railed against the U.S. government’s prosecution of accused WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning, who he’s praised as an “unparalleled hero.”

Apparently, Assange isn’t bothered by the fact that anti-government whistleblowers and journalists he claims to support routinely turn up dead (or brutally assaulted) under mysterious circumstances in Russia. While Assange has railed against the U.S. government’s prosecution of accused WikiLeaks traitor Bradley Manning, how many in Russia have been denied the right to a fair trial that Manning’s receiving?

As ironic as this is, it’s not surprising. Assange was only interested in truth and transparency to the extent that it could be used to attack the United States, its military and its allies. And for that matter, so is “Russia Today,” which makes this new partnership particularly fitting.