The Israel-Hamas prisoner swap seems to be popular with both Israelis and Palestinians, and the public relations battle has already commenced. But between the statements from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Gaza-based and exiled Hamas leadership, it’s easy to forget that the transitional Egyptian leadership needed a PR victory out of their role in mediating the final round of negotiations.

To drive the point home, Gilad Shalit was dragged in front of Egypt TV cameras to allow the Egyptians to spike the ball at Shalit’s expense. As if the “interview” wasn’t already asking a bit much, Amir Mizroch writes that the Egyptian translator mistranslates some of Shalit’s answers to maximize the propaganda effect. Haaretz has already picked up the story–without Mizroch’s correction–and the video is making the rounds. The worst translation, Mizroch writes, comes when Shalit says, “I don’t feel very well, am not used to seeing so many people,” which the TV station translates to: “He feels well, thanks the people who freed him.” The video is below:

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